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henkel brands
Solders, Fluxes, Coating & Adhesive Materials
Henkel Electronics Assembly Solutions includes Loctite, Hysol, and Multicore – market leaders that provide material solutions for the electronic assembly industry. Products include solder and solder pastes, fluxes, protective coating materials, potting compounds, and adhesives that cover the full range of applications required by the industry from cyanoacrylates to epoxy formulations.

Adhesive & Fluid Dispensing Equipment
Since 1961 Techcon Systems has provided precision liquid dispensing & adhesive dispensing equipment to mil-aero, industrial assembly, medical device, & electronic industries. Products include dispensing syringes, cartridges and fluid dispensing tips plus automated fluid dispensing solutions including adhesive dispensing, liquid dispenser & epoxy dispenser systems, precision valves and controllers.

Static Control Products and Supplies for ESD Protection
Desco is the leading supplier of static control products for protection from ESD. Desco has a broad depth of products including anti static wrist straps, table mats, ESD footwear and test equipment.

Masking Materials & ESD Tapes
Argon provides masking tape, die cut tape, plugs, caps, tubes, hooks, custom molds, custom die cuts, and dispensers.

Air Tools & Automated Screwdrivers
Deprag provides torque controlled air powered screwdrivers and automated screwdriver and screw feeder systems.

Electric and Pneumatic Screwdrivers, Drills and Cutters
Sumake is a comprehensive source of professional electric, cordless and pneumatic tools, compressors and accessories for electronic, automotive and industrial applications.

Optical Video Systems
View Solutions provides Video Measurement Systems, Microscopes, Stereo Microscopes, Video Inspection Systems, Video Microscopes, Biological Microscopes, Metallurgical Microscopes, Portable Measuring Microscopes, Digital Microscopes, Endoscopes, Digital CCD Cameras, Magnifiers and microscope accessories such as monitors, lights, illuminators, stands, arms, lenses, and adapters.

Everett Charles
Contact Solutions • Fixture & Services Group
ECT Contact Products Group provides test contacts including PogoPlus® Contacts, loaded and bare board probes, battery interconnects, and semiconductor test products.

ECT Fixture & Services Group manufactures In-Circuit and Functional Test fixtures and provides ICT and FCT development, programming, and engineering services.